phoenix rise seafood restaurant, cabramatta

So in my family (including the extended family - aunts, uncles, cousins), it's tradition for us to go out for dinner on Mother's day to make all the childrenless single aunts and grand-aunts, feel happy and not lonely. Actually, we have dinner on the Thursday night during the week after Mother's day because all our favourite restaurants are usually packed on Mother's day.

phoenix rise seafood restaurant:
This restaurant has been here since before I was born. It was a family favourite before but other restaurants opened up and apparently they have not revisited for at least 20 years!

Like most Chinese restaurants, the meal starts off with a steaming pot of complimentary soup consisting of pork bones, carrots, goji berries and watercress.

crab in ginger and shallots ($33/kg)
The crab arrives and it's time to roll up our sleeves to crack open the shells with shell cracker. The crab is priced per kilo and full of meat (2.5kg). It comes presented on a bed of thin egg noodles (extra $15.00) which had soaked up all the the ginger and shallot sauce (Yum!). I think the best bit of the crab is the orange crab roe in the shell - I love picking up a shell with lots of sauce and roe, adding a spoonful of rice and mixing everything together to eat.

chiuchow style fried prawn rolls ($21.80):
These prawn rolls are different to the normal prawn rolls I have at yum cha in that the ones I usually get at yum cha is just shrimp paste wrapped in a beancurd sheet and deep fried while Chiu Chow style prawns taste a bit like a sausage. I'm not too sure about this but I think prawn meat, water chestnut, and some minced pork is encased in some sort of pork mesentery or bean curd sheet and deep fried. Nevertheless, they were quite good.

diced beef with black pepper sauce ($19.80):
salty fish and diced chicken fried rice - large ($20.00):

pork ribs with salt and pepper ($16.80):
These pork ribs were so unnaturally tender and moist! (In a good way). While the batter was super fluffy yet crispy at the same time. How is this possible?

braised goat hot pot ($23.80):
While I wasn't too fond of the overall taste of the broth in this dish, it was a hit with the adults. Even though I didn't really like the taste, I do appreciate goat and the braised meat was just falling off the bone.

minced beef fried rice - small ($10.00):
complimentary dessert:

At most Chinese restaurants, they provide complimentary 'tong shui" and fruits and it's something I always look forward to because growing up, I've always loved tong shui. I was more than happy when I saw it was red bean soup.

While the restaurant gives a very homey feel, I found the food very average. There was nothing that stood out for me and with the immense amount of options I have for Chinese food in this area, I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon.
Phoenix Rise Seafood Restaurant, Cabramatta
1/50 Park Rd
Cabramatta, NSW 2166
t: (02) 9728 1052

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