orto trading co., surry hills

There's nothing more satisfying than bathing in the sun on a cold day. At Orto, we managed to be seated by the large glass panels and tried to absorb the small patch of sunlight seeping through.

The restaurant is pleasantly bright and spacious, with such simple and Spring-like decor, making it a great setting for weekend brunch with good company. We arrive just after the peak lunch hour so waiting time was not required at all.

latte on ice ($3.50):

My friend orders an iced coffee which makes me regret not ordering one of their freshly squeezed juices or their fruit smoothies.

southern fried chicken benni ($16.00):

This is the new and upgraded version of your regular eggs benedict. The beautiful piece of Southern fried chicken is perched on top of Orto's English muffin with poached eggs and covered in hollandaise sauce. Fried chicken? Runny eggs? Hollandaise sauce? Do I need to go on?

hash ($16.00):

Potato hash with berkshire gypsy ham, fresh tomato, avocado, lemon dressed rocket, asparagus and a poached egg. There was nothing to fault here - the egg yolk was perfect and runny, the potato hash was wonderfully crisp with a fluffy centre, the tomatoes, avocado and the pile of lemony rocket under the whole stack was fresh. The whole thing was just yum.

atb ($11.00):
For some clean eating after the glorious fried chicken, we ordered the 'atb', which is avocado, tomato and basil served on sourdough toast. It's a nicely sized dish and very simple but refreshing and tasty.

And because I loved the fried chicken so much, here's another picture of the fried chicken benni stolen from my friend's instagram.

From pictures, I thought the serving sizes would definitely be smaller but we were all pretty full after all this food. Orto serves tasty food with a few twists on breakfast classics at pretty reasonable prices. While waiting time for food seemed a little long, the waitresses and waiters were all very lovely and friendly.

I would definitely love to come back soon to try their hotcakes, cauliflower fritters, the salt cod scotch eggs, the breakfast hotdog or their baked eggs.
Orto Trading Co.
38 Waterloo Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
t: 0431 212 453
w: http://www.ortotradingco.com.au/

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  1. that potato hash looks scrumptious!

  2. everything looks so nice! ps you take very nice photos as well



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