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To celebrate my Mum's 60th birthday, we decided to try fine dining. With everyone's busy schedules, we tried to find a convenient and local restaurant and ended up at La Tratt in Fairfield RSL.

Yes, you saw it right - Fairfield RSL. Usually at an RSL you get plates of mediocre pub food or buffet styled food but here at Fairfield, the restaurant looks like the dining area of a classy hotel. Once you step onto the premises of the RSL (even before you step inside), it feels like a whole new world! The water fountains, modern lights and beautiful flowers just make it seem like you're not in Fairfield anymore!

Once you step into La Tratt, you're in yet another world - sealed away from any disruptive noises and taken into an elegant and dimly lit restaurant.

Once we are seated, complimentary olive sourdough and sourdough with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and warm marinated olives arrive.

squid ink linguine ($19.00):
For entree, we choose the squid ink linguine with prawns and a chilli tomato sauce. Personally, I think this is the perfect start to the Winter menu. The prawns are succulent, the squid ink linguine is moist and al dente whilst the chilli kick form the tomato sauce is just perfect - not too overpowering but just enough to get your taste buds going.

Accompanying the mains are complimentary steamed baby carrots, asparagus and broccolini for the table.

grano manzo mutrito ($44.00):
300 day grain fed black Angus beef, baby king brown mushrooms, honey glazed parsnips, tarragon and red wine butter. I think this is possibly the best steak I've ever tasted. My dad asks for steak to be cooked to medium and it came out perfectly pink and oh so tender.

pancetta di maiale ($30.00):
Berkshire crispy skin pork belly, pumpkin puree, braised cabbage and black balsamic pearls. The pork belly arrives with a glistening and perfect looking crackling. My mum and I worry that the pork belly might feel too heavy with the amount of fat but the pumpkin puree, braised cabbage and potato fondant really does help cut down the heaviness.

slow braised wagyu beef cheeks ($30.00):
Slow braised wagyu beef cheeks with polenta, cauliflower and salsa verde. The slow braised beef cheeks were cooked until they were melt-in-your mouth tender. I loved the polenta and would have loved a bit more.

pesce arrosto ($35.00):
New Zealand blue eye trevalla fillet, baccala fritto, fennel cream and confit tomato. The skin of the trevalla and the baccala fritto was perfectly crisp.

stinchi lento cotti ($32.00):

Slow cooked lamb shanks (served off the bone), aubergine puree, caponata and Persian fetta. These lamb shanks were perfect! It was so tender, I had some trouble picking up the meat with my fork. The eggplant puree was creamy, the sauce was rich, the flavour combination was good, there was really nothing I could fault.

The idea of fine dining conjures an image of white table clothes, waiters in tuxedos and the finest food, service and atmosphere. Here at La Tratt, while they do deliver this sort of quality dining experience, for my first time, I found it less intimidating than I thought it would be. The waitresses were accommodating, patient and constantly giving recommendations to help us choose our food (which I was very appreciative of).

Unfortunately, everyone was too stuffed to order their desserts - I would love to have been able to try their Italian doughnuts with vanilla bean ice cream or their pannacotta. Maybe next time!
La Tratt
Fairfield RSL
14 Anzac Ave
Fairfield, NSW 2165
t: (02) 9727 5000

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  1. that steak looks amazing! wouldn't have imagined a place like this inside an RSL!

  2. Great pictures! Pretty fancy for Fairfield I must admit!



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