the goni's schnitzelria, marrickville

Who doesn't love a giant slab of chicken schnitzel held together by oozy melted cheese and the toppings of your choice?

Do you remember the huge schnitzels from the Goni's at the White Cockatoo Hotel? Well, earlier this year, The Goni's had relocated in Marrickville under Marrickville Tavern on Marrickville Road. And fear not, the schnitzels are just as ginormous as they were before.

Home to the best and biggest schnitzels in town, The Goni's Schnitzelria, is also known for their variety of meats and Spanish Cuisine. They have seafood and meat platters which claim to serve 2 people but can easily feed another 6.

I'm sure you'll find a chicken schnitzel that suits your tastes from the extensive selection of toppings on offer but if you're not into chicken, you can also choose to change your order to veal. Pork and lamb schnitzels, a selection of starters, seafood dishes, burgers and steaks are also available. However, vegetarians seem to be unwelcomed here.

The place feels very food-court-like with loud patrons, bright white light, a spacious dining area and low ceilings. It was a late Sunday afternoon and almost all the tables were either reserved or occupied by 2 or 3 families. The establishment definitely reminds me of J's Steakhouse in Cabramatta.

To order your meal, simply approach the counter at the very back of restaurant, place your order and take the number card back to your table There's a self serving condiment station in front of the counter and this is where you arm yourself - with sauces, sauce plates, sharing plates (you'll definitely be needing a couple of these!) and appropriate cutlery - to demolish the meat

Lemon Lime Bitters ($3.50):
During the wait for our schnitzel (do be aware that it can take a while to arrive because the place is super busy and its not easy cooking that many pieces of chicken?), we had observed faces of disbelief and shock on the other diners so we were mentally prepared.

Marinara Schnitzel ($25.00):
Chicken or Veal Schnitzel topped with garlic prawns and fried calamari. 
This is 1kg of chicken breasts - Craaaaaazy! (And I thought the chicken at Hot Star was HUGE!)
The schnitzel arrived topped with stringy and crisp crumbed calamari rings, juicy and succulent prawns, tartar sauce on the side, a couple of lemon wedges and a generous sprinkling of chopped parsley. We also decide to add a layer of melted cheese ($2.00) and extra mushroom sauce ($2.00). The schnitzels can be a little dry but that problem can easily be dealt with if you order extra sauce.

I think the experience is very similar to that of a pizza except instead of a bready crust/base, you have crispy edged schnitzels!

Sadly, three girls were no match for this monster. Luckily they offered takeaway containers for us to carry the remains of the schnitzel home. They come in 3 different sizes - the smallest costing 20 cents.

Complimentary Bowl of Fries:
Each schnitzel comes with a small bowl of complimentary fries. But they are somewhat soggy and can easily be overlooked next to the meat.

Anyway, how does anyone expect to finish one of these in a single sitting? This place should have a Hall of Fame for those who have accomplished this huge feat. And for all those soldiers who have, I salute you!

So, if you decide to come here, do bring some friends to bond over all this meat.
The Goni's Schnitzelria
Ground Floor/296 Marrickville Rd
Marrickville, NSW 2204
t: (02) 9560 2574

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  1. I am now having withdrawal symptoms... LOL I want to try the other variations!

  2. I think I've found a GREAT alternative to the usual Korean fried chicken, haha! Looks good!

    1. if you're bored of korean fried chicken, it definitely won't hurt to try this place out hahahaha

  3. that schnitzel looks so freaking epic!!!

    1. I know right! So many more toppings to try hehehehe

  4. OOO look at that cheese!! This is near my home, have to try it one day :D

    1. cheese makes everything better 8-) hehehe let me know how it goes! ^_^

  5. oh my, that is HUGE!!!
    Unfortunate on the soggy chips though :( But wouldn't want to waste belly space either :P

    1. you seriously do need all the belly space you can get!!! LOL

  6. So THIS was the one you were telling me about!

  7. that looks devilishly good. mmmm....



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