kepos street kitchen, redfern

I think I've just found my new favourite cafe!

So, last week Irene (go check out her blog!) and I decided to cross off Kepos Street Kitchen on our ever-growing list of restaurants to try. The pictures of the Seared Tuna Salad on Instagram just looked far too enticing and something had to be done!

This tiny cafe is tucked away on a cosy corner in the quieter leafy parts of Redfern, bordering Waterloo. It offers comfort food on its extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menus with a unique Mediterranean and Middle Eastern twist.

I had heard about the ridiculously long lines on weekends so we decided to go on a Wednesday - it was pretty quiet and there was no need to wait!

Pineapple Juice ($4.50):
Irene decides to get the pineapple juice. It's sweet, light and super refreshing!

Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich ($18.00):
Southern fried chicken sandwich, middle eastern coleslaw, chermoula mayo and chips.
The 'sandwich' (it's more of burger, really) finally arrives. I look up at Irene and we both know we've made the right decision to get this! Two succulent pieces of crispy chicken and a crunchy mayo-coated slaw are sandwiched in between two sweet, milky brioche buns. The chicken is surprisingly lean and the thick cut chips are equally as good as the burger.

Seared Tuna Salad ($19.00):
Tunisian style seared yellow fin tuna, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, egg, potato and harissa dressing.
Four plump slices of perfectly seared tuna is perched on top of a bed of harissa dressed salad. The Mediterranean herbs, crunchy chilled cucumbers, soft boiled egg and creamy, chunky potatoes perfectly complemented the silky tuna. I think I've overused the word perfect here but that is exactly what this salad is!

As full as we were, there is always room for dessert. Aside from the lovely looking cakes at the counter, these churros are the only dessert offered on the menu.

KSK Churros ($12.00):
Kepos Street Kitchen churros served with salted caramel.
They arrive in a brown paper bag and are still pipping hot. Although the churros are heavily dusted with sugar, the salted caramel sauce on the side helps to balance out the flavours. They're crisp on the outside but a little too dense inside for my liking. Nevertheless, it was a nice way to end the meal!

There are still so many things I want to try here and I can definitely see myself getting the tuna salad again when Spring comes!
Kepos Street Kitchen
96 Kepos St
Redfern, NSW 2016
t: (02) 9319 3919

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  1. OMG the tuna salad is probably the best salad I've ever eaten in my life. But yeah, the churros may need a wee bit less of sugar haha. Looking forward for more food trails with you! ;)

  2. i had the salmon salad, it was out of the world! i have my eyes on the churros for the next visit!

    1. really!? i'm definitely going to try that next! hehehehe

  3. Mmm really wanna go back for that fried chicken burger!!

  4. I still have not been, and I am dying to go!! :(
    But also unwilling to go on a weekend to wait haha
    life ...

  5. This has been on my list for yonks now! I really must make my way to KEPOS ASAP :P

  6. Wow this place looks amazing. I need to visit!



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