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The Copper Mill is a tiny cafe on Mitchell Road in Sydney's brunching hotspot, Alexandria. With an influx of new cafes, coffee and brunch spots in Alexandria, it's definitely a challenge to leave a lasting impression on Sydneysiders. Fortunately for The Copper Mill, it has succeeded!

Without the weekend crowds, the cafe easily idden and may take a bit of an effort to find.

Oh, the good thing about this place is that finding a space to park in the quiet streets around the cafe is very easy!

And like with all trendy, hip brunch spots, The Copper Mill is a dimly-lit, industrial-warehouse like cafe with blackboard panels to showcase their ever changing lunch options, large open space, an open 'kitchen' and a large communal table.

I say 'kitchen' because it's actually one man working with a tiny stovetop with a small benchtop grill.

Mocha ($3.50 + $0.50 to drink here):

I'm not a coffee drinker but I'm assuming it was a good coffee because there were no complaints about it.

I had seen Copper Mill's Instagram photos and was looking forward to trying out their beef hash but it wasn't available. Oh well, there were plenty of other options to choose from.

Peruvian B+E Roll ($10.00):
Pork chicharron, sunnyside egg, roast kumera, salsa criolla and lemon mayo.
This is not your average bacon and egg roll - instead of bacon rashers the roll has been upgraded to pork belly chicharron with a perfect sunny-side-up egg, salsa criolla, a tangy lemon aioli and sweet, creamy roast kumera.

Our family has a thing for lamb dishes so we couldn't not order the lamb sandwich.

Lamb Sandwich ($10.00):
Slowly roasted lamb, heirloom carrots, salsa verde and yoghurt served in Brickfield's bread.

All sandwiches are served using Brickfield's bread so I don't see how you could go wrong with that. I loved all the flavours in this and would definitely get it again if it's on the lunch menu again. The lamb shavings are thin, tender and flavoursome and went well with the sweet heirloom carrots, yoghurt and salsa verde.

Avocado Toast ($9.50):
Avocado on sourdough toast with sumac roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs and lemon.

We also order avocado toast with a side of chorizo ($4.00) and poached egg ($2.50), thinking the sourdough toast would be pretty small but the portion was extremely generous.

However after I finished my meal, I immediately regretted the decision of getting avocado toast - not that the food was terrible or anything but I saw the table next to us order the portobello mushroom dish and coddled egg which was served in a tiny cute jar, with sourdough dippers and wished I had picked one of those dishes instead!

Anyway, it's a big thumbs up from me! The service was lovely and if you're tired of the long lines at the other brunch spots nearby, you can always drop by here instead. I know I'll be back - that coddled egg is calling for me.
The Copper Mill
338 Mitchell Road
Alexandria, NSW 2015
t: (02) 9517 3214

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  1. that peruvian egg roll looks amazing! i think the menu changes on a daily basis cos i wanted to try this dish on the menu but wasn't avail that day. then i checked IG a few days later and there were ppl eating it lol

    1. oh! I think so too!! because they didnt have the hash :(

  2. I'm a big fan of avocado on toast and that LOOKS SO GOOD! I probably wouldn't regret ordering that though I must admit that the portobello mushroom dish does sound good. :D

    1. If you're a big fan of avocado on toast you will love it! It was one of the better avocado on toasts I've had in a while and it was a pretty big serving :D



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