top best bakery, burwood

its nearly been a week since it was chinese new year but there are still celebrations! outside many asian stores today there were a group of people doing the lion dance. which explains why everyone was looking across the street hahahahaha

double sausage and cheese bun ($1.60):
sausage bun ($1.40):
ham and egg bun ($1.40):

shredded pork bun ($1.40):
luncheon meat bun ($1.40):
sausage bun: ($1.60):

pork chop bun ($1.80):

ham and shallot bun ($1.40):

and of course like most other asian bakeries, they have sponge cakes, the famous plain bun, and donuts of all sorts. they have really nice cakes. i wanted to take pictures of those too but the shop owner outside was eyeing me like i was trying to steal their secret recipes or something....anyway!
i really liked this bakery for its sweet potato bun. its kinda looks like a hodeok, but its not HAHAHAHA
but anyway i really want to eat that today and it was sold out so i decided on something that was savoury and that turned out to be a typical ham and shallot bun! hehe but! there was a big problem.. the outside was very very hard. its felt like dried bread. like it had been left out for 2 days... but the inside was very soft! totally unexpected.. still i would have like it better if the they had a soft outer layer.
well hopefully next time, the sweet potato bun will be there. came too late today :'(

top best bakery
178 Burwood Rd
Burwood NSW 2134

(02) 9745 4888


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