seoul-ria, haymarket

how good is it to reunite with friends you haven't seen for a year for dinner! nothing is better than korean food when it comes to gatherings!
seoul ria was suggested and a good one too! since they had big tables perfect for gatherings.
the atmosphere was very lively hehehe with kpop music videos playing on tv screens around the room. they kept playing JYJ! hehehehe.
but the waiters looked really annoyed at us... maybe because we sat at the table catching up with eacher other for 30 minutes before ordering HAHAHAHAA.

seoul ria!

japchae E1(small: $12.00):
this was a disappointment! :o not what i had expected, the japchae liverpool street hanabi serves is much tastier and for the same price you get a much more generous plate of beautiful potato noodles.

jjajangmyeon ($12.00):
i was worried the black bean sauce would smother my teeth and stick there but yay it didn't! hehee so relieved. love this noodles but i like the instant ones you buy in packets more. but thats just me. this was very well made!

gganpoong gi ($28.00):
recommended by a friend and not a bad one! hehehe spicy and sour fried chicken. it wasn't very spicy but this crispy chicken covered in a beautiful sauce was perfect !

dweji teukbokgi (rice cakes with pork) ($28.00)
i wanted to order this so badly HAHAHAHA, i've been craving rice cakes since... like the beginning of the year and finally got some in my mouth hehehe. wish we ordered the squid one though! it was the same price. damn

kimchi jjigae ($13.00):

friends found this a bit too spicy but i mixed it with my bowl of rice ($2.00) and it was perfect! nice and hot hehehhe.
also ordered bulgogi BBQ ($15.00) and sam gyeop sal BBQ ($15.00) you had the option of bbqing the meat on your table or letting the cooks doing it for you in the kitchen and of course, we bbqed it on our table! :D
spent $125 in total! although this place doesn't exactly serve the BEST korean food in sydney, its a great place for big gatherings since the tables are big and they play kpop in the background- which gives you something to talk about! hehehe
605 george St
sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9269 0222

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