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For our first food adventure, we decided to eat Thai food for dinner after school. There was a good response to Savann - Authentic Laos and Thai cuisine in Cabramatta online so after school we all got off at Cabramatta. It was still early so there were only three other families eating inside. It wouldn't feel so crampy but since we all had our massive heavy school bags on, there wasn't much room for us to move.


seafood pad thai ($11.00):
Thin rice noodles tossed a wok with assorted seafood. A noodle dish of many flavours. Served with lemon and crushed peanuts on the side so you can add as much as you like. Chilli is also placed on the side for you to use.

chicken pad thai ($9.00):
Thin rice noodles tossed a wok with chicken.

chicken noodle soup: $9.50
thick noodles with blood jelly and chicken topped with shallots and fried garlic. I loved the addition of fried garlic. Came with complimentary greens to add into the soup.

pork salad: $8.50
Lemongrass, mint, glass noodles, pork mince, onion, shallots and shredded carrot mixed together in a tangy dressing. Honestly wanted the beef salad, but pork turned out okay too. It is a bit chilly, but nevertheless still okay.

Savann isn't the best Thai/Laos place in Cabramatta but it does open till late is conveniently located right across the train station. The prices are pretty reasonable too ($9.50pp). 
savann thai & lao restaurant
shop 5/2 arthur st
t: 02 9726 0305


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