kana express, sydney cbd

When you're on the run whats better than eating chunks of fried foods on a stick! It's fast, tasty and convenient. I wasn't hungry enough for lunch so a quick snack was perfect.

kana express:

hot menu:

what they serve:

Okay I don't have any pictures of the food I bought because:

  1. My hands were too full to be taking pictures
  2. Everyone was too busy eating to help me
  3. I wanted to eat my rice cakes before they turned soggy.
  4. We were running late.
  5. I didn't want to get my camera dirty with oily stains.

So anyway the chicken and rice cake stick ($3.00) was good. It had the perfect crispy exterior with a chewy centre and the sauce was so good.
dduk kochi chilli rice cake ($1.50) was a stick with 5 very long and beautiful rice cakes covered in a chilli sauce.
We ended up getting 2 rolls of kimbap (korean sushi) which was gobbled up in no time.
The deep fried sushi ($2.50) was surprisingly really good. To whoever invented this marvelous creation - I thank you.
Kana Express Food
359 Pitt Street, Sydney
(corner of Pitt Street and Central Street)

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  1. IS EVERYTHING THERE FRIED??? WOOOOW looks so good. I think i'm going to go try it out tomorrow!



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