homemade bibimbap (비빔밥)

After rewatching the horror special featuring song ji hyo on family outing and finding left over pork from last night, i couldn't resist and made bibimbap! whoooo
In korean, bibimbap literally translates to mixed rice. In restaurants, this is usually served in a large clay pot and it keeps everything warm and nice. :3

i usually eat this with bean sprouts and carrots instead of the meat.. but there were none in the fridge! :'(

1. spoon left over rice into a large bowl, (heat it up if you need to!)
2. fry an egg, but be careful not to overcook it, leave the egg yolk runny! and place it in the centre of your bowl.
3. grab your favourite meat and veges(i like cucumber, mushrooms, bean sprouts and carrots), slice them matchstick style if you like, fry them if you wish, and lay them around the egg.
4. depending on what you like, grab a spoonful of chilli paste, - you could make the real sauce if you were bothered (containing tablespoon rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, chilli paste and sugar.. but today is another lazy day)

lay out prepared veges and egg, sunny side up!

5. ..then mix everything together and eat! :D

this was made with leftovers...so i didn't have to actually marinade the pork myself (thanks mum!) anyway, enjoy your day~


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