crispy chicken noodle house, canley heights

This morning my mum panickingly shook me to wake me up so naturally I thought we were in some state of emergency but then, she hissed in my ear, we're going out to eat with your aunt! We decided to eat at Spicy Aroma because we received a letter for a 20% discount but turns out it wasn't open and trudged over to holy basil which also wasn't open until half an hour later! Since I had an appointment to rush to at 1:00pm, we hastily decided on this 20% off crispy chicken noodle house.

crispy chicken noodle house

rice dish: crispy chicken ($11.50):
A popular option if you don't feel like noodles. My brother was very pleased with his rice.  The rice was moist but not so moist that the rice grains would stick together to form a chunk of rice (which I like, and he hates). It doesn't look like much on such a big plate, but it is in fact very filling.

crispy chicken egg noodles ($11.50)

Egg noodles in a chicken broth scattered with shallots, lettuce, coriander and fried garlic. The chicken stock is a bit too sweet compared to the one I like Tan Viet, but underneath all those greens is a generous serving of egg noodles. The chicken was really nice and tender under the layer of beautiful crispy goodness. Lemon and fresh bean sprouts are also given to you to add into your noodles.

The meal wasn't bad but I'd rather pay that extra 50c and wait for a table at tan viet. It never disappoints. Thinking about it fills my mouth up with saliva - no just kidding, that's disgusting.
crispy chicken noodle house
canley heights
45 Peel St, NSW


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