breadtop, burwood

another week of tutor = another wear at burwood! being at burwood = food! i had rice cakes for lunch/breakfast, and was not full since i only ate 6 of them HAHAHAHA so my mum gave me extra money to buy some food to munch on during class. i didn't want to walk far to look for something soo... i stuck with something i knew tasted good, and was easy to eat
which was? BREADTOP!! yay ^^

egg tart ($1.30):
sacha pork floss bun ($2.40):
cinnamon donut ($1.80) and cinnamon pie donut ($2.50):

the egg tarts here a much bigger than normal round egg tarts you'd find in a normal asian bakery and of course therefore more expensive. i have yet to try the sacha pork floss bun.. but it does look pretty tasty :3
love breadtop's cinnamon donut/pie donut! it's so nice and sugary, the outside is slightly crispy and the inside is soo soft a fluffy! my second favourite "bun" from breadtop would easily be this ^ the only bad thing about this bun is that the sugar gets everywhere while you're eating!... or maybe i'm just bad.

the next few pictures aren't mine but i wanted to talk about my favourite bun!!!! which is the...
taro bun ($1.80):
(via foodchaser)

this bun is sooo good! no doubt my favourite! ^^ theres nothing to hate about this bun! unless theres no taro in it when you bite into it? HAHAHAH but seriously all taro, red bean and green tea flavoured sweets taste good. it's perfect in terms of sweetness - there are so many stores that make it tooo sweet and in some.. it's even hard in the middle :s this is totally worth the $1.80
green tea sesame ball ($0.65)
(via foodchaser)

hehehehe the red bean version of this is really good.. ( i know this isn't red bean but! it looks like this, and because foodchaser took such a pretty photo, i might as well use this too!! HAHAHAHAHA try it! you won't regret it~.IT'S CRUNCHY and SWEET.
breadtop is more expensive than your typical asian bakery but thats understandable.. its got such different buns and with unique designs for all of them!

158 Burwood Road
Burwood NSW 2134

(02) 9745 5682


  1. omo. i love breadtop! i saw a couple of them around sydney. didn't have the guts to try something new. now that i've read about it, i will give it a go! thanks for the informative post!



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