tommy's kebab pizza, fairfield heights

it was such a nice day today and my brother helped me with so much physics i decided to treat him to good old kebabs 8D - so i walked 200m to Tommy's kebab (opposite seven eleven) and bought him a chicken kebab and my dad a beef kebab. technically i didn't buy it since my dad gave me 20 bucks HAHAHAHAHAA. but he doesn't have to know ^^

ingredients 8D:

the good thing about this was that it didn't look like the vegetables had been left over night or anything. totally fresh looking

regular beef kebab: ($7.00):
good old beef. my favourite :3 unlike most people around me, i prefer beef over chicken in my pide and kebab but its quite risky since, badly made beef tastes worse than badly made chicken :S well, as expected the beef here was fantabulous! i would have prefered more lettuce though, my kebab was practically FILLED WITH BEEF. HAHAHAAHA.

regular chicken kebab: ($8.00):
i took a bite of this by "accident" and what do you know! the chicken here is good too! but beef is just a teeny bit better! forgot to add cheese in this one. i keep forgetting that i am the only one who doesn't like cheese in this world. a bit dry but tastes great anyway!
waiting for these to finish toasting was probably the longest wait in the world! esp. when you hadnt had eaten anything since 5am ... :S
oh! and... for all those people who have never tried garlic sauce with their kebabs before, TRY IT. it is oh so good. it works well as a pizza sauce too (drool) HAHAHAHAHHA damn, garlic sauce is one good sauce. oh for an extra dollar you can have the 'lot" which includes garlic, olives, cheese, and tabouli.
oh and do be careful not to eat the foil.

tommy's kebab pizza
201 Hamilton Road
Fairfield West NSW 2165

(02)9724 5544


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