sydney's best dim sim, cabramatta

There are about 5 branches of Sydney's Best Dim Sim across NSW, in Chinatown, Eastwood, Granville (head office), Cabramatta and Campsie. It specialises in authentic traditional cantonese style gourmet dim sim. this place is perfect for a little bite after work/school. But the bad thing about the Cabramatta branch is that its too small! There aren't any seats or anything to sit at and eat. Well, there is a long table thing stuck to the wall but thats only for you to squirt some sauce into your little bag of steamed goodies pick some toothpicks and leave.

sydney's best dim sim:

price list:

prawn siu mai ($0.70):

With pork, prawns and mushroom. I love the siu mai here! The meat is so nice and in chinese, 爽 - don't know the English word for it. But its when the meat is all nice and plump, and elasticky. Hehehe .

har gau ($0.80):

Prawn with pork and bamboo shoots wrapped in a sticky white wrapper. Man how do you make the skin for har gau? Seriously I could eat har gau skin all day long. HAHAHAA. Sydney's Best Dim Sim makes my the best har gau! (in my opinion of course) the only bad thing about this is that, they dont put as much filling in the har gau as they do in yum cha stores. But that's reasonable since it does cost less.

The pork and vegetable dim sum isn't that great - it doesn't look nice either, so I didn't take a picture of it. The skin easily falls off. Anyway total cost was : $1.50. Nice place for a snack.

sydney's best dim sim
40 arthur street
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: (02) 9755 3818
f: (02) 9755 3822


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