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So after a stressful period of receiving our marks back and a whole lot of tears, we decided to have lunch at Cabramatta for a taste of Cambodian food at Battambang! The place was packed with locals. There is a very long communal table in the middle of the restaurant, which is usually shared by people who require a single or double table. I think we looked totally out of place with our school uniform.


The fact that Battambang is situated inside a mini arcade makes it all the more harder to find so mainly locals know where it is. On the walls are Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese translations of the menu with the marked price.

crispy chicken and steamed rice ($8.00):

Once again, if you really want to try crispy chicken, you'd probably want to go to Tan Viet or an eatery which actually specialises in crispy chicken dishes. But if you don't want to wait the lines and such, you can probably eat it anywhere in Cabramatta. The skin was crispy but chicken was so bone-y - there was hardly any flesh on there!

phnom penh clear noodle - dry seafood ($7.50):

Dry clear noodles with seafood - crab sticks, fish balls and prawns and hoisin sauce. I usually prefer the hu tieu version last time with pork. This wasn't a bad combination but I think I prefer the rice noodles with pork.

loc lac beef with tomato rice ($9.00):

Vietnamese 'shaking beef'. I laugh at the literal translation every time but that's what it is - the shaking of the wok when the beef is seared. The beef cubes are in a nice medium rare state and moist.

crispy large intestine with fried rice ($13.00):

Here comes the highlight of the meal - deep fried pork intestines! It sounds totally disgusting but honestly it's really good. If I'm at Battambang, I never fail to order this dish. If you love the intestines more than I do, you can even order a whole dish of it without the rice!

Battambang serves cheap and simple Chinese-Vietnames-Cambodian food. I've been a couple of times before and the food is always so satisfying.
15/73-79 John Street
Cabramatta NSW 2166
t: (02) 9754 2120

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