pho tau bay, cabramatta

My family and I have been revisiting place for at least 10 years now. We've never been disappointed .

So you can trust me when I tell you this place makes the best pho.

Pho - medium ($10.00):

The soup is clear and not too oily - sweet from cooked bones and meat and aromatic from the herbs. There are seven variations of pho to choose from but we decide to settle for the good old classic.

Dress it up with the fresh bean sprouts, basil and mint and you're in heaven. It's as great as when I first tried pho here.

Com Suon Bi Cha ($10.00):

Com suon bi cha, is ‘broken rice’ with pan fried pork cutlet, baked minced pork, thin slices of pig skin and trung hap, which is a steamed egg patty with pork mince, clear mung bean noodles and wood ear mushrooms.

This is my absolute favourite Vietnamese comfort dish! I love the steamed egg! The steaming method guarantees mouthful of pillowy eggy goodness, which is flavoured with pork while the mushroom and mung bean noodles give it another divine texture. I love the lean but tender and juicy pork cutlet. I love shreds of pork skin in my rice which is doused with the most perfect fish sauce.

The place is always packed with locals and can be intimidating at first but the staff is friendly and food is great!
pho tau bay
12/117 john st
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: 02 9726 4583

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  1. omg db! The 'flying ship' is the only restaurant me and my family go to for pho! So good yeah? :D

  2. yeah!! so good! jen was like its the same everywhere... ITS NOT TRUE LOL PHO TAU BAY 4 LYF.

    1. Excuse me! I changed my mind after trying it LOL hmph



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