bibingsoo (비빙수)

Patbingsoo is a very popular dessert from Korea. The snack is a shaved ice dessert topped with frozen yogurt or ice-crean and garnished with fruits, syrups, nuts and other sweets. Green tea, coffee and red bean and more popular choices of patbingsoo but you can have any other ice cream flavour you like.

recipe: bibingsoo by shin bora
what you'll need:
  • 300 mL carton of milk (if you're lazy) otherwise measure about 300-450mL of milk
  • red bean popsicle (or black sesame, green tea, taro etc your choice!)  
  • your choice of toppings! (mochi, fruit, dessicated coconut, syrup, corn flakes, chocolate or nuts and museli - anything you like!)
what to do:
  1. Freeze the milk a few hours before you plan to eat.
  2. When you decide to eat it, take out the frozen milk, leave it in room temperature for a few minutes (or until it becomes a bit softer) place the frozen milk inside a bowl and crush it with a fork. Make sure the crunchy frozen texture still remains. (Don't make it into mash potato!)
  3. Take the red bean popsicle out of the freezer.
  4. Spoon a good amount of the crushed milk into serving bowl as a base.
  5. Remove popsicle from packaging and slide the flesh of the icecream off the paddlepop stick into another bowl.
  6. Crush it like how the frozen milk was crushed and place it over the frozen milk base!
  7. Garnish with your choice of toppings.
  8. Take one last look at your beautiful work before mixing it all together and into your mouth!

For people who don't like drinking milk, you can now substitute ice-cream with milk! For a healthier alternative, you can also use low fat milk and such! :)

red bean:


Damn the supermarket didn't have any more sesame flavoured ice blocks or green tea ones in stock.


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