ying tian ying zhou zhuang, shanghai

Hotpot is an extremely popular method of cooking food in China. Each province in China has their own type of hot pot with their own signature broth or ingredients. The idea is still the same - cooking food in a pot of boiling soup/broth. One type of hot pot from the Guangdong province is instead of having normal broth, they have congee.

ying tian ying zhou zhuang:
small congee hot pot (¥12.00):
For and extra $1AUD, you can upgrade the pot to a large size which caters for about 4-8 people. I didn't see the need for that though because the congee soup was refillable. At the beginning of the dinner, the hot pot contains a congee with a pure white colour.

stir fried noodles (¥18.00):
These noodles were so good! The bean sprouts and carrots were not entirely soft so each bite had a nice soft crunch to it. Didn't feel as oily as other stir fried noodles and was extremely aromatic.

shrimp skewers (¥68/500g):
These shrimps cook extremely fast so keep an eye on them. If you leave it in there for too long, the meat won't taste as nice and refreshing.

fresh beef balls (¥28.00):
The taste of these handmade beef balls are totally different to the processed type we buy back in  Sydney. I think there were even bamboo shoots in there.

pork neck (¥22.00), pig's liver (¥22.00):
clams (¥20.00/500g):
These clams were so pretty - tasted nice too!

herring pieces (¥18.00):
The fish pieces were cut into super fine pieces which made cooking it so much more faster. The meat was extremely succulent. My dad who doesn't particularly like fish, loved it.

congee ready for consumption:

By the end of the 'cooking', your hot pot no longer has that beautiful white colour. The flavours from the meat and seafood help flavour the broth of the congee so when at last the congee is divided among everyone, it is extra flavourful.

The meal cos approximately 180RMB in total which was only $7AUD pp.
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