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On Ramen is a tiny ramen shop located on the corner opposite of Capitol Square's Hay Street entrance. You've probably walked past it countless times when you get off at Central Station and head over to Chinatown or Market City. The place is seriously small which reminds me of all those noodle bars in Asia. It's a very casual place with a few two seaters and seats by the counter.

on ramen:

on ramen interior:

At some point, one of the waitresses would dim the light and light the candles in the heart cut out boxes making a very cute and half romantic atmosphere. The interior is super cute with red lanterns hung up on the ceiling. The menu is very simple - a large laminated double sided A3 page. There's a pot of chilli powder on the table for you adjust the spiciness of your soup.

chef recommendation board:
tenderous pork rib ramen ($13.50):
Ramen with tender braised pork ribs. The broth is made from a pork bone stock with a milky or cloudy looking texture. The soft boiled tea egg is a tad over cooked -  I like mine slightly runny with a melt in the mouth yolk. I was so happy when I saw how generous they were with the negi and bamboo shoots.

grilled salmon teriyaki bento ($18.90):
Rice with cheese sausages, takoyaki balls, seaweed, grilled salmon, a healthy salad and miso soup.

tenderous pork rib ramen bento ($19.90):
On Ramen's signature ramen with render braised pork ribs served with a value set with Japanese cheese sausage, takoyaki ball, salmon sashimi and a healthy salad.

If have a large appetite, order their bentos or sets because you get a free scoop of green tea, black sesame or lychee ice cream.

kaki furai ramen set ($17.50):
Deep fry oysters ramen set. I don't often see this as an option in many ramen places in Sydney. Deep fried oysters covered in Japanese mayonnaise arrives with a tonkatsu based ramen. Again, it is generously topped with negi, seaweed,  bamboo shoots and bean sprouts.

With each ramen or bento set coming close to $20.00, I'd say On Ramen would be leaning towards the more pricey end. The servings are however, very large and we struggled to finish what we ordered. They do discount promotions so if you're a student and hungry between 2:30pm and 5:30pm, there's a 10% discount.
on ramen
shop 4, 181-187 hay St
haymarket NSW 2000
t: (02) 9211 6663

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