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Ichi-ban Boshi is one of my go to places when I'm feeling like some reasonably priced and filling Japanese food on a cold day after uni.

ichi-ban boshi:
Located in the The Galleries Victoria and opposite of Kinokuniya is everyone's (well probably not everyone)  favourite Japanese noodle shop - Ichi-ban Boshi. We arrive a bit earlier than expected and there's no line!

tonkotsu ramen ($11.90):
Thin noodles in a slow-cooked, rich-in-collagen pork and sesame seed broth, topped with roast pork and seaweed. Only 15 bowls of tonkotsu ramen are made each day at Ichi-ban Boshi and we were lucky enough to get one of them! The broth is made of pork bones which is richer and thicker/creamier. The collagen is so rich you can feel it stick to your lips even after wiping and washing your lips. I think it would have been more complete with a soft boiled egg - with a googie yolk ($1 extra).

tokyo ramen ($9.90):
This is one of the most popular styles of ramen and was also recommended by the waitress taking our order. It had roast pork and half a boiled egg  in a soy sauce flavoured soup. Very simple and plain. The broth feels a lot lighter and thinner.

The noodles from Ichi-ban Boshi are perfect in thickness (to me). But I wish they'd add more negi and bamboo shoots Staff are really bubbly and kind. Will be back soon!

Revisited - 3 May 2014

karaage udon ($14.00):
Karaage udon is actually not on the menu at Ichi-ban Boshi. We felt like it was an udon sort of day and asked with they could substitute the ramen noodles ($13.00) with udon, which ended up costing a dollar extra. Like the Tokyo ramen, the broth was also light, soy based and very rich in flavour. If I were to be picky and complain about something it would be to have the karaage chicken pieces served separately so that the skin remains crispy.

tempura udon ($13.00):

They were spot-on with the thickness and springy-ness of the noodles. The light broth paired very well with the fresh prawns, which were deep fried in a light and fluffy batter.
Ichi-ban Boshi
500 George St Level 2
Sydney NSW 2000
t: (02) 9262 7677
w: http://www.ichibanboshi.com.au/

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  1. Love ichi ban boshi! The karaage chicken is the best!



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