golden palace seafood restaurant, cabramatta

Not surprising but this place has changed owners again since it does have a history of changing owners. It was just last year when it was Thanh Tam. There has not been a single owner who has had a break through for succession at this place. Wonder if the new owner stands a chance.
Anyway, another extended family birthday gathering for grandpa's 92nd birthday. This seems like the only restaurant so far who has been able to house our whole family including some other guests on two tables without feeling too cramped.

golden palace seafood restaurant:
Like the restaurants before it, it had the exact same layout and design.

daily soup - large ($6.80):
A large black pot full of soup came to our table first. The waiter then divided the soup into twelve smaller bowls. The soup looked very appetising in the pot but tasted a lot like watery carrot - not nice at all.

xo pipes with rice vermicelli ($22.80):
Loved the spiciness of these pipis. At first I thought the vermicelli was rice but it was noodles. Despite the thick sauce drizzled covering the vermicelli noodles, it was still able to maintain its crispiness.

lobster with one and a half servings of noodle ($401.06):
They split the lobster before I could take a picture so this was what was on my plate. There were still pieces left in the plate even after splitting it with 24 people. I loved the noodles. The meat on the lobster was both plentiful and succulent. I love the extra flavour that the sauce gives.

braised squab in brown sauce ($24.80 each):
A bit too salty in my opinion but the meat was really tender. These birds were very lean, in fact there was hardly any meat attached to the bone.

steam egg white served with braised seafood ($19.80):
Doesn't look very appetising at all and was pretty bland.

seafood rolls ($6.00 per roll):

Seafood rolls were nothing compared to that at Vinh Phat. The skin was soggy and the filling was very mushy. You get the choice of which sauce to dip you roll with -  a sweet and sour sauce or honey.

salt and pepper soft shell crab ($32.80):
Again, too salty for me.

peking style pork spare ribs ($19.80):
shandong chicken - whole ($33.60):
The salty and sour taste of this dish didn't work for me at all - the chilli did though.

wok fried steak with black pepper sauce ($74.40):
They didn't serve this in front of us so by the time it did arrive, it hadn't made the attention seeking, hiss of steam. Nor was it steaming when it arrived. Seems like there is very few pieces of meet on the plate but they're massive pieces. We asked the waitress to split it up in to smaller pieces for us.

red bean dessert and sesame cookies:
Oranges and watermelon was also served. The texture of the red bean dessert could have been a little more sweeter and thicker in consistency. Sesame cookies were nice though!

Spent a total of $1101.26 between 24 people. While there are some strong dishes, I think there are plenty of other places in this area which serve better food for a similar price.
golden palace seafood restaurant
46/24-32 hughes street
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: (02) 9725 7282

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  1. Whoa that looks good, didn't realise Thanh Tam had gone. Turnaround in Cabra seems quick when it comes to restaurants. Walked past Vinh Phat's old premises last week, it was empty and all the signage was still up, when I went past there yesterday something new had already popped up.

    Might have to try this place, if I can rustle up some numbers.



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