saizeriya ristorante e caffe, shanghai
by polyphagia ♣ on

fortune 8 chinese restaurant, cabramatta
by polyphagia ♣ on

steamed glutinous rice with chicken
by anna chan on

won jo korean bbq restaurant, strathfield
by polyphagia ♣ on

jamie's italian kitchen, sydney cbd
by anna chan on

stir-fried tomato and egg
by polyphagia ♣ on


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Hi there! My name is Anna. I'm nineteen, in my second year of uni (UNSW) and born in Sydney. This blog is about my gastronomic adventures in Australia and abroad. It all started when I got new camera (Samsung Ex1) and since then, I've been mainly taking photos of food. So, I decided to document everything on this blog.

I'm still learning to take nice pictures - my camera isn't exactly the greatest but it works.

Oh, and I think we should get this out of the way (just in case you decide to unfriend me) I'm not a fan of chocolate or coffee. (Yes you saw right).

Anyway, enough about me - thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!