fortune 8 chinese restaurant, cabramatta

Only two more days until we leave for Korean and China. My aunt asked my parents to take her grocery shopping for the last time until early January so they did! I tagged along to print off some photos at Harvey Norman. At lunch time, my mum suddenly called and told me to tell my dad to quickly drive to Cabramatta for the last yum cha of the year. They debated over Vinh Phat and Fortune 8 - my dad for Vinh Phat and my aunt for Fortune 8. Finally my dad gave in after my aunt told him that the food had improved since our last visit.

fortune 8 chinese restaurant:

Located in a pretty deserted alleyway leading out to a large car park. You can order from a large picture menu or wait for the waitresses to come around with the trays of food.

deep fried seafood 'spring' rolls in a bean curd sheet:

The seafood was incredibly springy and fresh but the deep fried bean curd sheets weren't as crispy as I would have hoped for. Everyone fought for the end pieces where they thought the wrapping would be crispier than the middle - it was. The sweet sauce accompanying the spring rolls was nice too.

wu gok:

fung jiao:

I remember the last time I was here with my family, the chicken feet they served was much too bland for our liking. Seems like they've changed their recipe and it now tastes a lot better!

sui jing gow:

They aren't as pretty as the name suggests, but definitely very tasty.

low seon gow:

Asparagus dumplings. The little specks of green were the asparagus but you couldn't really taste it since the flavours of the meat just took over the whole dumpling. The skin was like the skin of the har gow, can't remember if it was the same or not. Not very asparagus like but still nice.

har gow:

One of my favourite yum cha dishes! Skin of these prawn dumplings from Fortune8 deserves a mention. It's not as thick as other places but still maintains the right texture.

siu mai:

cheong fun:

Steamed rice rolls with beef served with a sweetened and diluted soy sauce. I think this was the only dish that I didn't like from Fortune 8. It was missing the mandarin peel scent and the texture of the skin was too soft. It just breaks when you pick it up. You could also taste the distinct flavour of fat in the meat - or maybe my tongue just matured or something. No, but I know all restaurants incorporates fat into the meat but usually you can't really taste it, here, you can.  The meat was also very hard to break apart - not a tough texture but it required three people to split it.

dai ji gow:
Comes in four's. The scallops here are also springy and fresh.

deep fried har gow

I know my aunt tried to make this several times in the past and couldn't because either the exterior was not crunchy enough or the insides were not yet cooked. When this was served, it was still extremely hot. The bland crunchy skin works well with the sweet and sour sauce drizzled over it.

When we were done, the we were pretty surprised it was only $55.00 - we ordered double servings of siu mai for my brother who was still sleeping at home. Very cheap. 11 dishes for 5/6 people isn't bad at all - it's like an average of $5.00 for each. The seafood seems very fresh and is usually very crowded - which is a good sign, right?

However,  the only downside is that the service is not so great. We asked many waitresses for more tea and no one came. One of the staff members shattered a ceramic bowl or tea cup and according to my parents he gave a very attitude-y apology. Also I have a feeling they use a tonne of MSG - I'm usually never thirsty but this left me continually wanting to drink water hours after the meal finished.
fortune8 chinese restaurant
34/47 park road
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: (02) 9727 8988

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