la grilla, canley heights

A friend just returned to Sydney from Griffith for mid-semester break so we decided to hold a reunion with everyone near where we all (minus one!) lived to celebrate. Food was not the focus of today's gathering but catching up with each other!

la grilla:
side dishes:

From left to right, top to bottom, spicy rice cakes, kimchi, sweetened smash potato, deep fried glass noodles.

korean bbq ($35.00):
Korean style grilled meat served in hot plate with side dishes, salad and bowl of rice (cooked and ready to eat) (for 2 people).

"The BBQ takes some time to prepare because we start to cook it when it's ordered. We do not, pre-cook because at La Grilla, we want to provide our customers with good quality meals that will satisfy them."

You have the option of choosing two types of meat from bulgogi, mild chilli chicken, mild chilli pork, soy chicken, soy beef rib, and chilli beef rib. In the picture above, its bulgogi and mild chilli chicken. Our second hot plate had soy chicken and chilli beef rib but I forgot to take a photo of that. (I always forget and someone always asks - "Don't you have to take a picture of this?" - because I am too caught up with eating.).

The meat was tender but a little dry. They only gave us 3 beef ribs in our second hot plate and the meat was super chewy (which I liked! but others didn't). It was chilli at all either.

The salad was refreshing with a sweet dressing and topped with almonds and dried fruits.

Fried sweet potato noodles (glass noodles) ($10.00):
Stir fried sweet potato noodle with soy sauce. You can add $3 more for extra beef or seafood. Vegetarian version includes green capsicum and mushroom and omits the beef of course. Bit misleading since the photo on the menu has mushroom and green capsicum in the dish. I liked this because it didn't taste that sweet and there wasn't excess juice/liquidy sauce under everything.

Nice place for quick service and casual dining. It was pretty cheap with everyone paying $10 - 12 dollars. Plus Noggi is next door so you can grab some froyo to end the day. For lazy people, they barbecue your meat for you so you don't have to worry about smokey clothes and all that. They serve your typical Korean foods - pajeons, bibimbap, kbbq - so don't expect anythign spectacular since the menu is very limited.
la grilla
2/237 canley vale rd
canley heights NSW 2166
t: (02) 9724 5452

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  1. HELLO HELLO ! i was on urbanspoon and saw your review of La Grilla HAHAHA guess who??



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