arisun, haymarket

Time for my birthday-eve and group assessment part completed celebratory dinner! After discussing our favourite foods in one of the few early classes this semester, our group had been set on eating hot pot together for quite a while now. Since we ended our Wednesdays together, we decided to go out and what's more satisfying than crispy fried chicken and spicy hot pot on a chilli autumn day?

kimchi side dish:
chilli rice cakes, mixed tempura hot pot ($30.00):

Spicy rice cakes, instant noodles and 'tempura'. Loved it. The 'tempura' were just sliced up fish cake. It's so simple yet super satisfying. Even though the sauce was really red it wasn't as chilli as it looked! Thick broth, chewy rice cakes, salty fish cakes, instant noodles, eggs and some veggies - this is the ultimate comfort food.

sun's fried chicken with soy sauce ($30.00):

Fried chicken at Arisun is a must order! It comes out in a wooden bowl, hot and still unbelievably super crunchy. It's so addictive that you'll still want more when you're already full. It wasn't drowned in oil and you couldn't taste it much either

When you do come to Arisun though, make sure you bring a group of people. There are so many other deep fried chicken options available on the menu. Fried chicken was made to be shared! The four of us paid $15 each were completely stuffed so we couldn't handle the last few pieces of chicken. So sad.
1 dixon st
sydney NSW 2000

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  1. I gotta head back to Arisun for the hot pot. But yes the fried chicken is indeed amazing though we got full and only just managed to eat the last piece



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