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It was New Year's Eve and since we were done with high school, two friends and I decided to watch the fireworks in Circular Quay this year! We caught the train and got there at about 5:30 and with empty stomachs, we agreed to go search for a nice place for dinner. Not being able to find anything appetising, we nearly ended up with Maccas but luckily, people walking in and out of Wagamama caught our attention. With that, we ended up dining there for the evening before watching the fireworks.

The interior is extremely modern with a red grey and white colour theme. It had a simple design which made it feel very comfortable to dine in - large windows letting natural light in, high ceilings and wooden benches. Surprisingly, choosing from the menu today didn't take long at all!

chilli squid ($9.80):
Deep-fried squid seasoned with sea salt and shichimi, served with a chilli and coriander dipping sauce. Slightly crispy with a nice sort of tangy feel to it. Loved it.

teriyaki chicken raisu ($19.40):
Tender chicken and red onion in teriyaki sauce served with Japanese-style rice, garnished with mixed leaves, pickles and sesame seeds. The chicken was very tender and worked well with the sweet teriyaki. However, the rice tasted strange - as if it was uncooked - and at the same time, mushy. The teriyaki sauce tasted nice in healthy and appropriate amounts but could get sickening if you accidentally smother your rice in it.

pork belly ramen ($20.40):
Udon noodles in a soup topped with grilled slow cooked pork belly and seasonal greens, garnished with beansprouts, coriander, mint, basil, chilli and carrots. (spicy miso soup). The soup didn't really taste like normal miso. Actually the whole dish didn't taste like what we expected. Only one word for it - strange.

It seems as if  Wagamama is a fusion of cuisines from a different cultures. The udon noodles were not the typical udon noodles you'd normally get from other Japanese restaurants. It was more like a strange mix between Thai and Japanese - and not that great either. We split the cost among 3 people and ended up paying  $16.55 each. Although the experience wasn't that bad, the restaurant is situated across the road from the horrid Department of Education. With its location and the distance I would have to travel to eat strange noodles, it would take a very long time to convince me to come here again.
38 bridge street,
wynyard NSW 2000
t: (02) 9252 8696
w: http://www.wagamama.com.au/ 

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Happy New Year, Everyone


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