j's kitchen steak house, cabramatta

j's kitchen steak house:

The place has been a hit with locals ever since last year due to its $10 dollar dishes.

queue to order:

Your dinner begins with an order you place here at the kitchen window. You pay and then a beeper is handed over to you. On your way to the table, there is a self service shelf where you are to collect the required serviettes and utensils. Oh, and make sure you find yourself a table before eating - don't want to be seatless/tableless when your food is done. Your beeper will then vibrate indicating that it's time for you to go back to the kitchen window to gather your order.

$10 menu:
The $10 menu is available everyday with 8 dishes to choose from - steak, lamb loin chops, pork chops, battered fish 'n' chips, calamari rings, chicken fillet, kransky sausage and spaghetti bolognese.

steak ($10.00):
Medium cooked steak with mushroom sauce, served with salad and chips. I wish the steak had been thicker but I guess, if it had been thicker, there would be no chance of finishing it. The steak was cooked nicely with a nice shade of pink in the middle.

calamari rings ($10.00):
Deep fried calamari rings served with tartare sauce, salad and chips. The crumbed calamari rings were larger than your average calamari rings. They didn't taste horrible but it wasn't the stringy and chewy calamari I usually had. These rings were probably mixed with other ingredients and not just calamari itself.

chicken fillet ($10.00):

Chiken fillet with pepper sauce, served with chips and salad. I don't think you can ever go wrong with chicken unless it's burnt or something. There were two pieces of chicken fillet and the chicken was tender and lovely. The pepper sauce was really nice too - my dad was also super pleased. He said it reminded him of the pepper sauce on the steaks in Hong Kong which he loved a lot.

lamb loin chop ($10.00):

Lamb loin chops with mushroom sauce served with chips and salad. I know a lot of people who don't like lamb but I really liked this! The meat wasn't too chewy and not tough either. It was nice chewing the meat off the bones too.

pork chop in dianne sauce ($10.00):

The pork chops are tender and crispy and tasted better than I had imagined them too. I would get them again.

kransky sausages in pepper sauce ($10.00)

The dish came with 3 large sausages and had a lovely smokey flavour. I'm not a big fan of sausages so I wouldn't be getting them again.

All servings were huge and some of us had luckily decided to share some of the dishes. A lot of people come here and complain about service but what do you expect from a place which charges $10 for most dishes and a self serve counter. Don't expect any fancy, just what you pay for. I guess the only thing I would complain about would be the long lines or the chips that turn soggy since they're placed under the meat and sauce.
j's kitchen steak house
96 john st
cabramatta NSW 2166
m: 04 2452 3411

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