grand pearl seafood restaurant, canley vale

It was my grandmother's birthday today and decided to try out Grand Pearl Seafood Restaurant located in Canley Vale. Apparently there had been a change in head chefs a couple of days ago and the food has upgraded with low prices.

grand pearl seafood restaurant:

We arrive at 6:30 on a Friday night and was informed that we were extremely lucky that we had reserved a table earlier because they were absolutely full - both upstairs and downstairs

deep fried pigeon ($26.80 for 2 serves):
Deep fried pigeon is one of the many strange but tasty delicacies, often looked at with disgust. It's very easy to over cook pigeon and get very dry meat. But today the skin is thin and crisp, the flesh is tender and bones are soft.

cantonese-style lobster with ginger and scallions (1.1kg x $80.00):
The lobster arrives right after we finish the pigeon. It is priced per kilo and we were lucky enough to get one that was full of meat. However, it was a little lacking in flavour and I wish there had been more sauce.

typhoon shelter-style mud crab (3.4kg x $19.60):
Today we decided to try the typhoon shelter-style fried mud crab which is served in a lot of Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. Like the lobster, it was also priced per kilo. We heard a lot of positive things about the combination of black bean, chilli and garlic combination and it doesn't disappoint. The crab is moist and full of flavour.

diced beef fillet wok-fried with black pepper sauce ($24.80):
fish two course ($48.80):

I was really looking forward to their two-course fish dish because I absolutely love fish. I didn't think the stir fried (top picture) version was particularly great but my dad kept giving it praises throughout the car ride home. The steamed fish (bottom picture) on the other hand was perfect. It was sweet and juicy. I would definitely get this again if I ever come back.

Service was alright, not that great. They kept taking our plates and forgetting to bring them back. Our dishes took forever to arrive but apparently that was the same for both my cousins' table and our neighbour's table, who we coincidentally met on the same night. It's definitely an alternative restaurant you can consider since the prices are much lower than some of the other more established Chinese restaurants in the area.
Grand Pearl Seafood Restaurant
56 Canley Vale Rd
Canley Vale NSW 2166
t: (02) 9723 6888

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