james bistro, fairfield

The owner of  Green Peppercorn has done it again, with the new addition of James Bistro to Fairfield. The small restaurant is situated on the corner of The Crescent and Smart Street, inside the Crescent Hotel.

We made a booking for about 12 people and we seem to be the only people dining there for the entire Monday night.

james bistro:
The restaurant gives a very funky street-like atmosphere with a huge graffiti mural on a brick wall, both wooden stools and steal chairs and bare light bulbs dangling from the ceiling. Good thing I checked their Facebook page and saw the picture of the graffiti brick wall - otherwise I would have just walked past the restaurant.

chicken blt ($18.00):
Chicken BLT, served with a jalapeno and lime aioli and a side of chips. The aioli and and melted cheese prevented the thick chicken fillet from being too dry. Overall, the smokey flavours along with the crunchy toast and fresh veges made the dish pretty enjoyable.

steak burger  ($18.00):
Steak burger, served with a crisp lettuce, tomato, olives, onion, bacon and egg, mayo and a side of chips. The runny yolk spills over the steak, preventing it from becoming a bit too dry. The tomato, lettuce, rocket and baby spinach tasted fresh and tasted great with mayo, cheese and crunchy toast.

The chips are not the crunchiest but well seasoned. Also beware - you may occasionally find a chip or two that are extremely salty.

pan fried chicken breast ($25.00):
Pan fried chicken breast fillet, served on a bed of herb and capsicum cous cous, with a drizzle of jus.

sirloin steak ($20.00):
300 gram sirloin steak, medium rare in wild mushroom butter and served with a side of seasonal steamed vegetables. The steak was cooked so well - it wasn't overcooked and the mushroom sauce prevented the dish from being too boring. However, I wish they gave a bit more vegetables to go with the meat.

L: mate panna cotta ($14.00) R: vanilla creme brulee ($12.00):

Chrysanthemum panna cotta served with chamomile gel crushed macadamia nut and seasonal fruit. The panna cotta is very rich with only tiny hint of chrysanthemum flavour. We also ordered their vanilla creme brulee which was served with a scoop of mango sorbet, crushed macadamia nut and seasonal fruit.

Although it is a little pricey for the area, the portions are generous and extremely filling. The staff are vibrant and so friendly! Plus, both the food and desserts are pretty good too. Oh, we wanted to try the coconut and lychee Eton mess but the waitress told us that that dish was the signature dish of the previous chef and he had taken that with him. Damn.
James Bistro
Cnr Smart & Crescent St
Fairfield NSW 2165
f: https://www.facebook.com/jamesbistrofairfield
m: 0421 796 436
w: http://www.jamesbistro.com.au/

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  1. Tried james bistro after much hype. Overpriced and pretentious. Much better value elsewhere. And to top it all off, they don't even have their signature dish the Coconut Lychee Eton Mess. Very very disappointing overall.

  2. There burgers at lunchtime are great! The Wagyu burger was to die for and $10! Can't blame them for not having the signature dish of a former chef! (Especially when they did the dirty!)



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