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As far as desserts go, it's usually froyo from noggi or moochi or ice cream from passionflower. There needs to be more dessert houses (especially in the CBD)!

Last night after our feast at Takeru, all of us were craving dessert and LNC Dessert House was conveniently located next door. We looked through the menu and were immediately drawn in by the green teas, red beans, black sesames, taros, sago and coconut. We all loved Asian desserts.

lnc dessert house:
grass jelly with sago and coconut milk ($6.00):
Although 'grass jelly' sounds unappetizing, it's actually really refreshing and works really well with the cold coconut milk. Catching all the swimming sago balls makes it even better.

L: mango sago ice ($8.00); R: green tea smoothie ($6.00):
love tokyo ($9.80):
Green tea and black sesame gelato served with red bean paste, wafers, poco sticks, crispy waffle and topped with an oreo, chocolate syrup and hundreds and thousands.

black sesame slush and mini balls with taro gelato ($8.00):

The black sesame slush is actually just creamy ice with a strong black sesame seed flavoured. It was very milky and very seedy while the taro gelato was smooth and very rich. The colour 'mini balls' however were extremely tough and hard to chew through. The flavour combination of taro and black sesame worked well enough and was very refreshing.

It's nice to have something different for dessert for once and with such a big variety of combinations to choose from on the menu I hope to be back soon! It's cheap, opens till midnight and satisfying for those with late night dessert cravings.
LNC Dessert House
Shop 12, 339 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
t: (02) 9283 3823

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