chung's kitchen, causeway bay

You can't go to Hong Kong and not have yum cha. While doing touristy things around and in Times Square, we stumbled across Chung's Kitchen. Fortunately we were all craving some dim sum and had a memorable feed.

chung's kitchen:
steamed chicken feed in black bean sauce (large):
Often viewed with horror, these chicken feet had the perfect skin with chewy tendons. The sauce was perfect - a sticky black bean sauce with garlic and chilli that soaked right into the bone of the chicken feet. If you hated these before, this will change your mind.

shark fin dumplings (medium):
siu mai with egg (large):
steamed premium siu mai ($9HKD):
These siu mai are sold by the piece and individually steamed. They are much larger than the normal siu mai. The pork is juciy, tender and the dumpling is topped with a generously sized scallop.

xiao long bao:
Shanghainese pork dumplings. I was never a fan of the texture and overall taste of the filling of these but these little pockets were pretty good! You could easily pick them up with your chopstick without tearing the wrapper. The pork flavoured hot soup came oozing out after one little bite.

teochow dumplings:
This dumpling is something you don't see very often Sydney. They are filled with peanuts, chives, pork, shrimp and shiitake mushoom. The starchy wrapper is thick and chewy. The filling and and wrapper are so addictive, you just want more.

steamed premium prawn dumpling ($9HKD):
These premium prawn dumplings are also sold by the piece and individually steamed. The prawn is succulent and bouncy with a wrapper that has the most perfect thickness and chewiness.

steamed rice roll with beef and enoki mushroom:

These beef rice rolls are conveniently cut into bite sized pieces. The beef is still pink and tender. They are slippery and the enoki mushroom add a new texture to the dish.

I am glad we stumbled across the restaurant, though the meal for four was a little bit more pricey than what you'd normally have to pay for yum cha in Hong Kong (240HKD), it was worth every cent!
Chung's Kitchen
Shop 1201, 12/F, Food Forum
Times Square 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
t: 8300 8005


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