u.e chinese restaurant, cabramatta

It's been nearly 2 months since I had a proper food adventure worth writing about because the workload from uni, exams and work made me stay at home and indoors for most of the time. Now that my friend's and I are free, expect more posts! To celebrate the finish of my exams, my dad took the family to U.E. Chinese Restaurant for lunch.

I think U.E. wins the championship of most hidden restaurant.

u.e chinese restaurant:

To get to the restaurant, you have to go through this dark, (quite scary) and narrow passage. I can never feel at ease walking through here. At the end of the passage turn to your right and there's a tiny door leading into a cosy little restaurant. Despite it being well hidden away, it is packed with locals even before the lunch hour rush.

fresh veges and chilli:
A large plate of fresh bean sprouts, stalks of garland chrysanthemum, and wedges of lemon, enough for 3 servings of noodles arrive as soon as we order.

phnom penh noodles ($12.00):
Three large bowls of steaming phnom penh noodles arrive within a few minutes. Each bowl is super fragrant, garnished with spring onions, chives, pork mince, deep fried diced lard and garlic.The combination work so well to flavour the clear pork broth.

The Vietnamese vermicelli noodles are cooked to perfection - not undercooked or and overcooked sludge. The bowl of noodles is filled with slices of pork, pork stomach and pork blood. It may sound disgusting but I can assure you it tastes great. Just looking at the picture makes me crave for another bowl.

I am not entirely sure as to what this dish is called in English but in Chinese it's 金邊麵 and it translates to Phnom Penh noodles. U.E also has duck noodle soup and wonton noodles that are also worth trying!
u.e chinese restaurant
4a/117 john street
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: 9727 0014

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