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I've been wanting to visit Circa ever since I saw a post about it on Grab Your Fork. I loved the quirky designs and decor. It's a short walk from Westfield Shopping Centre. Without clear directions, I'd probably never find this cafe since it's tucked away on a quiet street. What started off as a laneway turned into a garage like cafe.

The menu is typed up neatly on small pieces of paper and clipped onto a small but fitting wooden clipboard. The interior is just so pretty and the dim lighting makes you feel so calm and relaxed. We probably sat there talking for longer than we should have.

baked eggs ($17.00):
Baked free range eggs with sujuk, Danish feta, diced tomatoes with a hint of chilli and sourdough toast. The sujuk slices reminded me Chorizo only spicier and just as nice! The sourdough toast was toasted to perfection! So nice and crisp in contrast to the slippery whites and tomatoes and great for absorbing the runny yolk. Loved it.

bacon and eggs ($12.00):
Barrosa Valley cured shultz bacon, fried free-range eggs, house made tomato and red capsicum relish and aioli on schiacciata bread. Simply a bacon and egg breakfast but it felt more enhanced and more flavourful. It was definitely one of the best bacon and egg breakfasts.

Avocado, fetta, ricotta and green pea mash with asparagus, slow roast cherry tomatoes, coriander and a hint of chilli on sourdough. The avocado was also great with the baked eggs.

sticky chai ($5.00):
Loose-leaf chai steeped in spices and soaked in organic honey with bonsoy. I felt so 'cleansed' after drinking this! It tastes so nice and soothing.

iced coffee ($4.50):

Simple and delicious. For its price, we were surprised about how small its size was but the taste definitely made up for it.

So I finally got a chance to try the food and drinks at Circa and they have definitely lived up to my expectations. The staff were super nice and attentive. Even though the venue is quite small and cramped it does give it a very cozy feel to it. I can't wait to come back to try more of the food and coffee or visit their sister cafe, Three Ropes Espresso!
21 wentworth street
parramatta NSW 2150
m: 0410 757 757

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  1. I love their baked eggs! The sujuk is addictive! :)

  2. @cindy I know!! Looking at the photo makes me want to go back and order more baked eggs ^^



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