la mesa, haymarket

La Mesa is a relatively small restaurant located pretty much next to famous Mamak in Chinatown. Philippine food has never really stood out to me in the past but after walking past La Mesa a couple of times, we decided to try it out today.

la mesa:
We climbed up the stairs to find a quiet and relaxing dining area with cushioned benches, wooden tables and lots of decorations. With very little knowledge or experience with Philippine cuisine, we had no idea what our orders were going to taste like.

beef tapa ($12.00):

Fried tender beef pieces marinated in mixed Philippine spices and served with chilli vinegar sauce. The beef turned out to be darker than expected and quickly jumped to the conclusion that the meat was burnt. (It wasn't). The exterior of the beef which has been extensively marinated by Philippine spices tasted a little dry but once dipped into the sauce, it was alright. The beef was really tender and there was a very subtle hint of sweetness.

longanisa ($11.00):
Traditional skinless sausages made of minced pork, served with chilli vinegar sauce. My friend mentioned that the sausages reminded him of Vietnamese nem nuong only fatter.

pork chop ($11.00):

Steamed pork chop basted with traditional herbs, coated with a delicious batter and deep fried, served with sweet sauce. I was very happy with this dish. The pork skin was extremely crispy while the pork itself was tender and moist. Although the menu stated it was served with chilli vinegar sauce, a sweet brown sauce arrived instead. The sauce was thick and I thought it complemented the pork chop very well.

All three of these dishes were from the lunch special menu which is served with rice and a generous serving of vegetables.

sotanghon  ($15.00):
A steaming mound of sauteed soybean noodles topped with tender chicken pieces, prawns and sliced carrots, beans and broccoli.

Disappointed that we didn't get a chance to try their signature or crispy pata, lechong kawali or some of their desserts. But all in all, it was a very pleasant first experience and I can't wait to come back!
la mesa
level 1 19 goulburn st
haymarket NSW 2000
t: 1300 880 835

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  1. I always walk past this place, meaning to try it. The dishes look great!

  2. @missklicious Yeah! it's definitely worth a try!



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