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Before the full heat of Summer hits, I suggested to my family that we go have some ramen. Actually that was just an excuse. I have ramen cravings even in the middle of Summer and I want to try all the ramen eateries in Sydney. I was researching and was extremely excited to try Ramen Ikkyu today, but we were closer to Ramen Zundo at the time when we started feeling hungry so we changed our plans. My plans never work.

ramen zundo:
Ramen Zundo is located in World Square and the decor gives a really nice Japanese feel to the restaurant - with red and white lanterns, bubbly waitresses and wooden menu tags hung up on the wall. There is a huge poster of the menu on the window and also smaller, laminated, A3 sized menus for those people lining up. The distance between each table is was so tiny it felt a bit uncomfortable.

Oh, and you have to order and pay before you get your bowl of ramen.

white zundo ($11.80):
Zundo white is your classic and most basic ramen in tonkotsu soup. The fresh cabbage was a really nice addition but I preferred the garlicky Zundo black over the Zundo white.

zundo black ($11.80):

Zundo black is ramen in a tonkotsu base soup with baked garlic oil. Both white and black zundo ramens don't come with boiled egg so I had to separately order one which costs $2.00 for both halves. The eggs had a lovely gooey centre and I'm really glad I ordered the extra egg.

This is the ultimate do-not-eat-on-dates dish. Although the baked garlic enhanced every aspect of the ramen, I don't think I would be approachable because my bad breath.

Both versions of the ramen had a rich tonkotsu soup which is a pork bone broth made by gently boiling pork bones over twelve hours. Although the soup appears to be thick and richly flavored, it is light enough to finish. Also, it wasn't so thick that a layer of collagen would form around your lips after slurping up all the noodles.

double soup ($11.80):

Double Soup is ramen in a soup which contains both chicken and pork bone soup. The double soup is refreshing and light from the chicken broth but rich in flavour from the pork. There was also a hint of dried fish in the chicken broth, which I wasn't too fond of but my mum liked it. I also added extra chilli fakes to give it that extra kick. The ratio of bamboo shoots and bean sprouts to  noodles was perfect.

The noodles in the soup had the perfect amount of chewiness and thickness. It has been so long since I had ramen, I can't even make a comparison between the noodles from other ramen joints. As for the soup, it was nice having it light but I occassionally do prefer the broth from Gumshara and Ajisen Ramen. Oh, and the pork belly was so tender and smooth - seriously just melted away on your tongue.

I thought the menu was pretty limited but I do want to come back to try their tsukemen and cold ramen salad! I think it would actually be perfect in Summer.
ramen zundo
shop 1030 world sq
644 george st
sydney NSW 2000
f: https://www.facebook.com/RamenZundo
t: (02) 9264 6113
w: http://www.ramenzundo.com.au/

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  1. That ramen looks awesome - I wish there were more ramen places up here in Brisbane! Luckily we do have one awesome one.



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