phu quoc, cabramatta

Phu quoc is located right next to the popular Pho Tau Bay. Despite being regular customers at Pho Tau Bay, I've never noticed Phu Quoc until recently.

phu quoc:
We arrived between 1 - 2pm and the place was still full. Luckily at this time, most people are probably finishing off their meals and leaving so by the time we were half way through our meal, more people started to leave, making the restaurant feel less crampy.

pho bo vien ($10.00):
Beef noodle soup with beef balls. Beef slices were tender. No complaints about this dish but for $10.00, you'd probably prefer a bowl at an eatery which specialises in pho and gives a more generous serving of noodles.

bun bi cha gio ($11.00):
Rice vermicelli salad with spring rolls and shredded pork. The crushed peanuts, fresh cucumber slices and herbs along with the crispy spring rolls all work well together to complement the thin rice noodles.

bun thit nuong ($10.50):
Rice vermicelli salad with lemongrass pork. Once mixed together, each mouthful is a mixture of different textures. The soft plain noodles, gritty and crunchy peanuts, the sour pickled carrots sweet and tender pork along with the aromatic mint leaves buried under the noodles.

com tam suon bi trung ($10.50):
Broken rice with pork chop, shredded pork and fried egg. The pork chop looks greasy but doesn't feel at all! It's tender and moist. The fried egg has super crispy edges with a yolk that's just threatening to ooze out. Shredded pork and pork skin are mixed with rice powder to give the rice more texture. The fish sauce adds a tinge of sweetness to the rice and makes the whole dish more enjoyable.
phu quoc
corner john st and hill st
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: (02) 9724 2188

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