it's time for thai, kingsford

What's the time? It's time for Thai! With finals drawing closer and closer, a group of us wanted to catch up before finals to relieve some stress. We found ourselves craving Thai food

it's time for thai:
It was nice to see a Thai eatery amongst all the Chinese, Taiwanese and Indonesian places we passed on our way from UNSW. It's your typical Thai restaurant with wooden benches and stools. Dimly lit with funky coloured light balls hanging here and there. We arrived early and were immediately seated but it filled up pretty quickly after noon. Our dishes took an unusually long time to arrive.

satay chicken - 6pc ($9.00):
Tender chicken thigh skewers marinated and barbecued. Served with our Thai style peanut sauce.

pad see eiw - tofu and vegetables ($12.00):
Stir-fried thick rice noodles in soya sauce, egg, Chinese broccoli and bean sprouts. Whenever we order noodles, we always pick chicken but upon a friend's recommendation we tried tofu and vegetables which turned out to be just as nice. Loved the fried tofu and addition of baby corn - was a nice contrast against the soft and flat noodles.

hokkien noodles - chicken ($12.00):
Stir-fried hokkien noodles with soya sauce, egg, Chinese broccoli and bean sprouts. The noodles were super chewy and the flavours were nice but it was a pretty average dish.

chilli fried rice ($9.00):
Fried rice with chilli, eggs, onions, beans, capsicum and basil. There were 2 exclamation marks next to its entry on the menu but it wasn't chilli. You could still 'taste' the smokiness of the rice. I think it would have perfect if they added a fried egg or something.

bbq beef ($12.00):
Tender beef fillets marinated in Thai spices, barbecued and served with special chilli sauce on side. The beef slices were super thin and tender and tasted a lot like Vietnamese BBQ beef with the sauce.

tom yum noodle soup ($12.00):

Authentic tom yum soup with thin rice noodles, mushroom and coriander. Tried a lot of tom yum soups but this broth tasted significantly more sour than the ones I've tried before. Our Thai friend was really pleased with the dish so they must have been doing it right. We ordered the chicken version but they gave us a combination of seafood instead. We were still charged the price for chicken though.

It's Time for Thai has reasonable student prices and offers roti canai to eat with their great curries. Most of their dishes are pretty average in a good way. Nice place for lunch during long uni breaks. Service isn't the best but what do you expect with only 2 waitresses and a full restaurant. Would probably return if I get sick of the food at uni.
it's time for thai
2/309 anzac parade
kingsford NSW 2032
t: (02) 9662 3126

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Across the road from It's Time For Thai is Passionflower! After something sour and savoury, we all craved something sweet. We had 4 coupons among the four of us so we got 4 free scoops of ice cream!


From top left, coconut, marbled crunch, bottom left, Thai tea and black sesame.
Although it was a free scoop and I probably should have tried something new I ended up picking my favourite ice cream flavour of all time - black sesame.
Thai tea tasted a bit like not so sweet milk tea, and coconut actually dessicated coconut in it. Love passionflower.
shop 3/438-448 anzac parade
kingsford NSW 2032
t: (02) 9697 3338
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