pho 54, cabramatta

Being privileged to live so close to Cabramatta and visiting this food wonderland at least once every week to go grocery shopping with my parents, I don't think I've tried enough places as I should. Many of the restaurants in Cabramatta have been here even before I was born and you always wonder how they've managed to stay in business for so long (especially when there are so many other strong competitors nearby). You can't help but wonder what the "returning factor" is and Pho 54 is one of them!

pho 54:
pho menu:
Pho 54's different variations on pho. There's also a small menu for rice dishes. This is the only menu available so don't expect to be given a paper version when you're seated. The waitress usually stands by your table waiting for your order so make sure you have a good idea of what you want!

self serve condiments:
I like to mix chilli sauce and hoisin sauce together and dip my beef in before eating it. Although I'm really craving for com tam, my mum insists on getting a nice hot bowl of pho. My brother gets pho dac biet and my mum and I share a pho tai.

fresh veges and chilli:

Within seconds of ordering, a plate of bean sprouts, basil, lemon, chilli and chilli oil arrive on our table. 2-5 minutes later, our two bowls of noodles also arrive.

pho dac biet ($10.00):

Thin rice noodles in a beef stock with beef balls, sliced eye fillet, flank tendon brisket and tripe. The broth tasted a bit sweeter than what I usually prefer but I really liked how they added more tripe in their dac biet than other places.

pho tai ($9.00):

Thin rice noodles in a beef stock with sliced eye fillet. The noodles are super silky but not 'soggy'. I also love how the beef are still pinkish when the noodles arrive. You push the slices of beef under the noodles for it to cook and its nice and tender. Also really like how the broth is clear and uncloudy. The onion slices, basil and spring onion make the broth even more aromatic, making each spoonful even more enjoyable.

A satisfying and cheap meal. Everything is pretty much $10 or under. Don't expect great service here, you're only here for the food.
pho 54
54 park rd
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: (02) 9726 1992

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  1. i remember this restaurant being around forever (or since i was really really young). it's amazing how it's been around so long with little/no fancy decor when there are so many other restaurants in the city that fail in less than 2 yrs or even 6 months (and the pho is deliciously cheap :p).



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