zhou li lao ya fen si tang, shanghai

On a cold and rainy day in Shanghai after 3 or so hours of shopping, there is nothing better than a large bowl of 'old duck vermicelli soup'. The only downside is waiting in long lines, basic service and cramped seating along communal tables.

zhou li lao ya fen si tang:
Zhou Li is famous for it's duck vermicelli noodle soup. Each day it churns out hundreds of these steaming bowl of noodle soups for both locals and tourists.

This place is so popular that it makes all the other eateries on the street look as if it is out of business. You wait in line. Order at this counter/vendor, they give you a number tag and you find a seat.

open kitchen:
About 3 people work in the kitchen. Helpers hold out the bowls while one pours in soup, the noodles the fried tofu puffs, a few spoonfuls of duck entrail and Chinese parsely

To the right of this kitchen is the entrance to the seating area and to the right of that is the small counter/vendor where they sell small snacks and is where you order and pay. At this vendor you can get marinated soy sauce eggs, duck heads, meatballs etc. If not, you can go back up the street to buy some deep fried Chinese donut sticks.

marinated soy sauce eggs (¥1.50 each):
These eggs have multiple incisions around it. Don't mistake it for being mishandling, The incisions are intentional so the soy sauce marinade can sink inside and become more flavourful.

'old duck and vermicelli soup' (¥12.00):
Each bowl is steaming hot. The soup is rich, milky and filled with fried tofu pieces, cubes of coagulated duck blood, duck gizzards and intestines. Each serving is so generous it takes two people to finish one bowl. The vermicelli are cooked so perfectly. It's firm and slightly chewy and filling.

Since it is always so crowded, people who work and live around the area usually get takeaway. This was so good I came back at lunch for another bowl a few days later. It's a must try!
中国 上海 虹口区
t: 021-63562237


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