suzhou yang rou guan, shanghai

It's night time and we're hungry. My cousin who is our chauffeur for the entire trip, recommends lamb hot pot since it was an unusually cold day. We walk past hundreds of food vendors selling fried noodles and fried rice. The smell was such a torture for 6 people with empty bellies! Seriously, with a million other restaurants on the same street, it's not hard to miss it.

suzhou lamb restaurant
The restaurant had two levels. To get to the second level, you had to climb the steepest, thinnest and highest steps ever. I'm not joking. Each step on the stair case was like 60cm in height, the width of the step was approximately 10cm. You had to step upwards sideways because your shoulders could not possibly fit in such a narrow gap...

braised lamb hot pot - large (¥85.00):
Add ¥5.00 per serving of Chinese cabbage and glass noodles - it's totally worth it. The lamb is first boiled. Then it is stir fried until aromatic before being boiled again in a pot of soy sauce and chicken soup based broth. The meat around the bones are particularly tender and come right off it when you pulled at it.

At the end of the meal, cook your glass noodles and let it absorb all the awesome meaty flavours in the broth before eating.

sliced lamb (¥75.00 per 500g) and lamb's stomach:
These lovely slices of lamb meat is boiled until fully cooked flavoured with salt and then chilled before slicing it into thin pieces. You can dunk these pieces into the broth in the hot pot to give it more flavour.

lamb's liver (¥45.00 per gram):

Try this place if you can! You won't regret it and plus, it's super cheap!
中国 上海 卢湾区
t: 021-15921947043


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