min sok chon korean restaurant, sydney cbd

Min Sok Chon is a small restaurant on Liverpool Street. It may look small at first but isn't really. Never really noticed this even though I walk past it all the time. It doesn't really stand out against the other Korean restaurants on the street.

min sok chon:
The favourite side dish were the sweet glazed potatoes (gamja jorim). If we could fit more food into our stomachs, we would have asked for a third refill.

japchae ($13.00):
Stir-fried sweet potato noodles with thin slices of marinated beef with vegetables in sweet soy sauce. One of my favourite Korean dishes - possibly first ever. Beef and soy sauce was a little too sweet for me but the noodles were really nice.

dolsot bibimbap ($12.00):
Seasoned vegetables - cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushroom, sauteed spinach and bean sprouts - and marinated beef on a bed of rice topped with raw egg and sweet chilli sauce and sesame oil served in an earthenwave pot. Don't forget to add in the chilli sauce which is give to you in a little bottle for you to add to your liking.

tteokbokki ($8.00):
A popular korean snackfood - spicy rice cakes with fish cakes, ramyeon, half a hard-boiled egg and cabbage. Didn't expect it to have instant noodles in the dish since it wasn't mentioned in the description on the menu nor did the picture show it. Right level of chilliness. But the rice cakes still weren't as good as the ones at O bal tan.

ojingeo deopbap ($12.00):
Stir-fried squid marinated in hot chilli sauce with vegetables. I think the only problem I had with this was that I only managed to find one piece of squid and the rest I picked up were just cabbage. We also ordered another serving of spicy rice cakes (on the left of the picture above) with a lower level of spiciness. It looks like nothing compared to the normal spicy plate and didn't really have a taste either.

Good service, friendly staff and reasonable prices - wouldn't mind coming back!
min sok chon
1/116 liverpool street
sydney NSW 2000
t: (02) 9267 7798

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