stir fry shin ramyeon

saturday lunch time fun! every time i hear, see, smell, touch or taste shin noodles, i remember the huge shin cup noodle mascot at the 2011 sydney kpop fest! HAHAHAHAH it was handing out so many cup noodles man! oh and the hour before the concert started , they kept replaying the same video over and over, and everyone in the stands just chanted shim shin ram----yeon! hehehe anyway...~
HAHAHAHAHHA, experimenting with food is fun 8D

what you'll need

  • instant noodle cake
  • instant noodle seasoning (shin ramyun)
  • cooking oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 5 or 6 shrimps (depending on the size)
  • broccoli or bok choy
  • mushrooms (portobello or button)
  • an egg
  • salt and pepper
you can substitute these ingredients with anything ! ^^

1. season your shrimps with salt and ground black pepper.
if they're frozen, to defrost place in a bowl with tap water and leave for 5 minutes first.
make sure you dont leave it in the water for too long though, the water in the shrimp itself will evaporate and it wont be very "爽" anymore!
2. peel and mince your clove of garlic (dont forqet to crush it first!)
3. wash your mushrooms and broccoli. i like my broccoli softer so i rinsed it for a a few minutes in boiling water.
4. cook your noodle cake a boiling water. make sure they're not full cooked and soft though because when you fry it in the pan later, it'll go softer!
5. drain everything!
6. now for the egg. coat your pan with some oil first and then crack the egg into the pan.
tip! if you don't want it to spread and be really thin, tilt your pan downwards so the egg with catch in the one area when you crack it
the egg doesn't have to be perfect! but if you need to, make it sunny side up!then once the egg is done, place it on another plate and clean your pan! ( i do it with chopsticks and an oil absorbing wipe)
7. grease the pan with a few teaspoons of oil and add in the minced garlic! once it has turned slightly brown, add your mushrooms and broccoli and toss it around. add vegetables first because shrimp cook really fast HAHAHAHA.
8. after maybe like 2 minutes add you shrimp and stir for another minute before adding the noodles

maybe have the packet of seasoning cut open first so you dont have to struggle with opening it after you've put the noodles into the fry pan!
9. anyway add a good amount of seasoning, i used less than half a packet!
10. you can taste the noodles to see if its cooked and seasoned well before turning off the heat!
11. then serve! heheehehhehe


  1. omg why do your photos make everything look so tasty!

    :( i'm hungry now



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