hanabi, lidcombe

man just as i decide to eat healthy...... my dad suggests to eat KOREAN BBQ. = FATTY MEAT
its like the world is telling me not to eat healthy!
this hanabi is the sister restaurant to hanabi on liverpool street!
hehehe brother got a pay rise so my dad made him take us to eat korean bbq! every thursday night when i use to pass by here, the backyard was filled with people bbqing away and you could smell it in the building next door!! but you couldn't eat any :( AND NOW AFTER ABOUT 4 YEARS, we've finally decided to eat here.

this place brings back such a happy memory! i came here for the first time on the day of 2011's sydney's kpop festival. There was a nice japanese/korean "ahjumma" and even though there were communication problems with her, aftering finding out she could speak japanese, she gave us extra service!! she was so cute hehehe. when i mentioned DONGBANGSHINKI (TVXQ!) she started squealing asked to see my ticket ran to the kitchen (I THOUGHT SHE STOLE IT...) AND STARTED FANGIRLING WITH THE CHEF. omg. soo cute hehehehee
hanabi shop front:

hanabi is actually the japanese word for fireworks! and its not entirely all korean food, there is a small range of japanese foods on the menu! oh don't judge the tiny restuarant by the tiny shop front. theres actually a secret passageway to the back where all the local korean people are bbqing away and having drinks!

they arrive as soon we finish ordering.

table is already filled with little dishes:
why do they give us metal cups? wont they go really hot near the fire?? and won't we burn ourselves??? i don't understand!

bbq meat:
marbled beef (#23.00)x2, pork belly ($15.00), ox tongue ($14.00)
the marbled beef is a huge slab of meat. about the size of a t-bone steak! my brother was obsessed with this, so we ordered another slab! personally, i liked the pork belly best... ok i always like pork belly best.. but pork belly is so good :o ox tongue was good too! sliced so thin :o

오삼붂음 (osam bokkuem) ($13.00):
stir fried marinated pork slices and squid
i had this last time i was here and recommended it to my dad who was reluctant because it was so red "nooo! its going to be so chilli..." AND LOOK WHO ATE MOST OF IT. korean squid and octopus stir fries are so good :o must find recipe for this!

anyway the food here is really good! i really like their choices of side dishes. especially the pickled squid.. which they didn't have today :( but the bad thing about hanabi, lidcombe is that they dont have ventilators i mean the smoke just gets into your face and you get teary. :'( even though its outdoors and everything, still hurts your eyes :'(

anyway, $88 for 4 people isn't bad for a session of korean bbq!

35 Joseph Street
Lidcombe NSW 2141

9646 1412


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