pizza quesadillas

The other day at work, I was watching my boss's dad cook tortilla wraps and meat in a large toaster machine. He layered one wrap with cheese, salami, pepperoni and ham, spread marinara sauce over the meat and topped it with more cheddar cheese. Placed a second tortilla wrap over all this (like a sandwich), pressed down and toasted it for 20 seconds.

When he took it out of the toaster, cheese was oozing out from the sides and it smelt so good. He cut them up into wedges before eating it.

"This is real food." He said with a smile before inviting me to have a piece of his "pizza". And it tasted as good as it smelt! So when I got home, I tried to remake it with leftover tortilla wraps I had from a few days ago. My dad and my brother tried it first and both gave approving nods.

I can't believe I never thought of this combination. I mean, it's the exact same fillings as the pizza sub from Subway only with more cheese!

recipe: pizza quesadillas
what you'll need:

  • marinara sauce
  • some butter
  • flour tortillas
  • shredded mozzarella cheese
  • thin slices of salami
  • thin slices of pepperoni
  • grated/shredded pizza cheese 
  • what to do:
    1. Spread butter over the outer side of each tortilla. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese over half of the tortilla on the side with no butter.
    2. Place a layer of pepperoni on the mozzarella cheese. Then a layer of salami. 
    3. Spread a thin layer of marinara sauce over the salami. 
    4. Sprinkle pizza cheese over the sauce. At this point only one half of the tortilla has toppings  while the other side is completely empty.
    5. Fold the tortilla in half. 
    6. Place on a heated pan or griddle and cook over medium heat until the cheese is melted and the tortillas are crispy. Press on the tortillas lightly from time to time. 
    7. Cut into wedges and serve with a tangy tomato salsa or just a salad. 

    They're so simple to make but so good! I guess you can upgrade the recipe by brushing buttered side of the tortilla with garlic powder and oregano so it can taste like those garlic pizza crusts. I'd also try to add black olives, some tomatoes and capsicums in the filling next time as well.

    Also it could get messy with the sauce inside the tortilla while you're cooking it so instead you could leave out the sauce and have the eater dip his pizza wedge into the sauce.


    1. I usually do ham and cheese quesadillas as a late night snack, but I agree - you can put anything in there!

      1. I know! And they're so easy to make!



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