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After catching The Conjuring at George Street Cinemas, two friends and I decided to head to Chinatown for a quick dinner before heading home. It was a tough decision between the newly opened Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine and Crazy Wings. In the end, the novelty of skewered foods from Crazy Wings won and we headed inside.

The interior definitely reminded me of China but only newer, cleaner and more modern looking. Red festival lanterns hung from the ceilings and the customers were chattering away in quick and loud Chinese

crazy wings:

The restaurant is pretty popular among large groups of Chinese uni students and young adults. The skewered food idea was perfect for a long catch up session and a lazy but simple meal.

We were seated right opposite the counter. Other people around us were grilling their own skewers on a hot plate and skewer sticks were scattered every where on empty tables. We decided to just order two mains and some skewers. I was pretty disappointed about not being able to try out the other skewered foods like the mushrooms, prawns, scallops, ox tongue or the chicken giblets.

crazy wings ($2.50 per skewer):
We ordered an original, honey soy and chilli powder chicken wing. Other flavours included Asian curry, frsh garlic and black pepper. The wings were juicy, slightly charred and meaty. I wish I could have ordered more! Chilli pepper and original flavour were my favourite. Nothing wrong with the honey soy but it wasn't a new flavour. From the name of the franchise, I thought it would have been seriously chilli but it wasn't!

I could taste a lot of different spices from the chilli pepper flavoured wing. It also had that sort of slight tolerable numbing effect on your tongue. My friend, who has a low tolerance for spicy foods gobbled down the chilli powder flavoured wing with no problem!

teriyaki beef fried rice ($11.80):

Since all three of us were all three of us were extremely hungry, we ordered two filler dishes. The teriyaki beef fried rice arrived with a wooden pale with a metal rim. It definitely made it look more appetising. It was a simple fried rice with corn, peas and teriyaki beef strips.

beef stir fried noodles ($11.80):

Fried udon noodles with beef and vegetables. The udon noodles were also very simple. A quick toss of udon noodles, beef strips, shiitake mushrooms, sliced carrots and broccoli florets. It was nothing fancy but the two dishes definitely filled us up and took care of the numbing feeling from the crazy wings.

Most mains were $11.80 and those with seafood were $13.80. The meal came down to $31.10 which was a bit over $10.00 per person! We were also presented with a $10 coupon for our next visit. I can't wait to come back to try the other skewers!
crazy wings
shop 41 1 dixon st
sydney NSW 2000
t: (02) 9267 8862

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  1. ah, crazy wings! im drooling just thinking about those spicy skewers!



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