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pol•y•pha•gi•a (noun) 
a. an abnormal desire to consume excessive amounts of food, especially as the result of a neurological disorder
b. an insatiable appetite

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polyphagia ♣ Sydney restaurants

Friday, January 6, 2012 // 3:39 PM

another mary, anne, anna and anna (MAAA) food adventure - exploring secret and half forgotten restaurants in sydney. since it was just us, we decided to eat somewhere convenient = a little chinese store specialising in northern chinese cuisine directly opposite fairfield train station carpark - 100m walk from the station.


fried leek and egg pocket pancake 2pc ($7):

light and crispy on the outside! i thought it would be soggy.

pan fried dumplings 10pcs ($9):

i have yet to find a restaurant in this world that makes better pan fried dumplings than my mum.
the seasoning for this dumpling had a very typical northern chinese taste. oh yes it also comes with sauce which is consists of vinegar, garlic, soya sauce and sesame seeds!

xinjiang lamb shish-kebabs 4pcs ($10):

the meat was very fatty. although it was damaging to my heart and it added to the flavor and kept the meat moist. the outer layer was slightly spicy.. in a good way! not like overwhelming spicy , just slightly.

xinjiang fried noodles with beef ($9.50):

we went to hand made noodle bar, you can't NOT try noodles right? HAHAA
the noodles were very refreshing and cut very short but i liked its texture. i wish you could buy packets of noodles like this.

spicy stir fried chicken ($9.50):
with lots of onion and some tomatoes.

i liked the chicken in this dish! even though there were still bits of red near the middle. it wasn't spicy either. maybe the man running the store didn't hear that we wanted chilli hahahaha.
this place is vegetarian friendly and says that its MSG free! all the better for everyone. the one time we go to a vegetarian friendly place, the vegetarian friend is uncontactable.

the food cost $45 dollars altogther, split between 4 people - $11.25

the food and restaurant felt very homey hehe. but the food wasn't spectacular or anything but not inedible or anything too serious. There weren't anyone else there and the MAAA sat there for about 1 and a half hours drinking free tea and talking.

xiao's noodle bar
11 the crescent
fairfield, NSW 2165

8764 0518
Xiaos Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

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