passionflower, capitol square

landed at passionflower again after lunch after a long vote between 4 people

final fantasy ($15.00)
Black sesame ice cream and coconut ice cream accompanied with cool refreshing black jelly cubes served with a shot of evaporated milk.I love the black sesame ice cream from passionflower. I'd choose it over anything any day. The black jelly by itself can be bland and not nice but since there is ice cream, it's all good. The coconut and sesame ice cream is such a good combination.

double ice cream waffle (ice cream scoops: taro and pandan):
Two delicious hot waffles served with a scoop of ice cream on each served with warm syrup. Pandan ice cream tastes just like pandan waffles! Love it and taro, good old taro, who can't resist taro?

4 scoops waffle basket(passionfruit, special flavours: red bean, durian and taro)
I love waffle baskets! It's so crispy and beautiful. Made a bad decision with passionfruit though (unless you're someone who genuinely likes sour things), after eating the sweet flavours like red bean and coconut, it tastes more sour than it should  be. Durian ice cream at the bottom was nice too, it doesn't smell (thank goodness!) spent $46.00 dollars here today ($3.00 extra for special flavours- azuki bean, durian and taro in waffle basket)

passionflower has always been a favourite dessert house for many since it serves a large variety of ice cream flavours and is known for asian flavours such as sesame, green tea and red bean!
i always find myself back here after or sometimes even before a good meal with friends even though it is a little pricey.
shop g12 capitol square
730-742 george street
haymarket NSW 2000
t: (02) 9281 8322

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