fish place, surry hills

As a lover of fish, I've been wanting the try Fish Place in Surry Hills since I saw the post here! And today, I finally got the chance to come here for some post-exam, stress-relieving, customary food therapy session.

The eatery is located on Foveaux Street, a few doors from El Loco so it's a really short walk from Central Plus, it's pretty hard to miss since the whole building is covered in a tinned sardine print. Yay extra points for convenient location.

The menu is short with options like smoked salmon/ocean trout, bagels, fish and chips and even fish pies to choose from. Prices are also pretty reasonable (nothing over $15) for the location and serving sizes.

The place looks tiny - and you're right! It is. Fortunately there are more seats in the courtyard at the back - made from wooden crates and wooden iron boards. With the plants, the decor and soft hum of music in the courtyard, the dining experience feels so serene and relaxing.

Now, on to the food.

hot smoked ocean trout with side of pea mash ($15.00):
I decided to get hot smoked ocean trout and the fillet of fish was perfect in every way possible! It was sweet, pink, moist and really fragrant. You could really taste the smoky flavours - it was just perfect.

salmon with a side of potato bake ($15.00):
While I definitely enjoyed the ocean trout, I preferred the taste of salmon. It felt smoother and the smoky flavours were more intense. I could have just eaten two slabs of this on it's own.

We really wanted to order the bagel but they ran out (It was about 1:30 pm when I was there) so we went with plan b which was the beer battered fish of the day - sea bream

today's fresh fish - beer battered with a side of fries ($15.00):
In the end, I was glad we ordered this because it was so good. The chips and batter were perfectly golden and crunchy. Also, the fish tasted fresh, flaky, juicy and it didn't feel as greasy as it looked. Oh, and I loved their tartar sauce! It was extra tangy with actual pickled bits, which really complemented the clean flavour of the fried fish.

So what's not to love about Fish Place? It's cheap, healthy, fresh and super tasty. I'll definitely be back very soon to try their smoked salmon bagel and fish pie.
Fish Place
70 Foveaux St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
f: Fish Place
t: (02) 8958 0159

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