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After hearing so many good reviews about Devon Cafe from heaps of friends, a friend and I decided to have late breakfast here before class started. We arrived at 10:30am and luckily there was no wait.

At Devon Cafe, the menu changes with each season and there's always something to match everyone's tastes. I'm always eager to try their new creations but at the same time, there's always a favourite dish on each season's menu and I get sad when they aren't serving the dish anymore. 

chick 'n' chips ($24.00):

Chicken sausage, crispy confit wing, smoked potato, fried egg, cured egg yolk, jus gras. Although I haven't tried all the dishes from this season's menu, this will probably be my favourite. There was nothing to fault about this dish! Everything was perfect - in fact, I just want more of that chicken wing, those potato crisps and the potato mash right now! All the elements worked very well together and the presentation was super pretty. 

aussie in new york ($18.50):

Caraway bagel, cured salmon pastrami soft egg, lemon cream cheese mousse, avocado and rocket. We all know these flavours work well together and it was also very tasty but we found the bagel a tad bit too hard for our liking.

revisit - 27th June, 2014

L: merry berry ($6.50), R: banana goodness ($6.50):

Merry Berry - blueberry, raspberry, yoghurt, ice cream and honey. Banana Goodness - banana, yoghurt, ice cream, honey. You can't go wrong with these combinations.

 eggs blini ($19.00):
Buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, broccolini, sauce Mikado and poached eggs. The waitress suggested I order a side of avocado ($3.50) with my eggs blini and I did because like bacon, avocado goes with everything. The blini tasted as good as it looked! The pancake was fluffy, the eggs were perfectly poached, the salmon was velvety and silky, the sauce was tangy and refreshing and to finish off, giant salmon roe that just pops in your mouth. I could eat this all day.

breakfast with the sakuma's ($24.50):

Miso grilled king salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63 degree egg, radish petit salad and kewpi mayonnaise. This might be the most Instagrammed Devon dish of all time but I still can't get enough of it. The salmon is tender and well seasoned, the egg is oozey and egg-porn worthy while the eel croquette is just heavenly. I think the only downside to this dish is that it's quite heavy but if you're okay with that, you have to order this!

Overall, it was another great experience at Devon Cafe and since it's a short walk from Central Station, I would definitely come back again if I ever get the chance to. Service was great - the food came out really fast and the waitresses were very lovely!

Devon Cafe
76 Devonshire St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
t: (02) 9211 8777

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